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New Hope 360 Reviews Flushy

We know probiotics are great for digestive health, but it turns out they also maintain the health of our toilets. After dropping one of these dissolvable packets in the bowl, water-activated probiotics consume odors, waste and toilet paper. When flushed, the probiotics move through pipes to cut buildup and maintain a healthy septic system. Sound familiar?

Retailers’ Choice Award” at the 2011 National Hardware Show

Natural House, LLC marked the introduction of its Probiotic House wares Products by winning the coveted “Retailers’ Choice Award” at the 2011 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV. The newly introduced Natural House line of products received positive reviews from the many retailers attending this year’s show.

First-Class Products. 2011 Retailers Choice Awards Recognize the Best-of the Best at the National Hardware Show.

The Retailers have spoken. They have selected the chosen few products that they have dubbed the best-of-the-best at this year's National Hardware Show.

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Say Adios To ‘Kid Smudges’ With Glassy

"Glassy had NO problem cutting through everything my kids managed to smudge on it over the past week!" Read the whole review here

Natural House Products Are Astonishing!

"You can tell that (Moppy) doesn’t have chemicals or bleach in it, although it works way better than those cleaners that do..I was amazed, but then again, I’ve worked with Natural House before and never expect anything less than astonishment when it comes to their cleaners." Read the whole review here

Natural House Products Continue To Delight

"I love that they are eco friendly, safe for the environment and soil, I can use them around the children I care for.." Read the whole review here

Moppy Eliminates Annoying Grime!

"No matter what I try they look just grimy & it's annoying. I was so happy after I used Moppy because my floors were so clean they were slick & shiny! ...I didn't have to scrub too hard to get them looking great." Read the whole review here

Moppy Is The Perfect Floor Cleaner

"Moppy is perfect for that! It cleans really great and doesn’t leave a film residue behind." Read the whole review here

Cleaning Is A Breeze With Natural House

"They are seriously easy to use, either spray or drop in a packet much like those packets for dishwashers and laundry." Read the whole review here

Ada Fell In Love With Glassy!

"When I used Glassy it was love at first site." Read the whole review here

Natural House Products Will Not Disappoint

"I have used several other products from Natural House and they do not disappoint." Read the whole review here

Dashing For Deals Loves Glassy

"What makes Glassy different is that it is completely natural and the probiotics are supposed to keep killing germs until the next treatment." Read the whole review here

Glassy Keeps Grime & Germs At Bay!

"I like to have a clean mirror when I get ready every day, but somehow, toothpaste, facial hair, and other dirt and debris manage to cling to the glass on a daily basis. Using Glassy on a regular basis, however, will keep the grime (as well as germs) at bay." Read the whole review here